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2005 -a Year filled with supernatural favors & goodness of God 超自然恩惠与上帝良善之年

2006 - a Year of Acceleration 加速之年

2007 - a Year of New Beginnings 新开始之年

2008 - a Year of Manifested Blessings 扩张祝福之年

2009 - a Dektos Year of acceptable, free favours 被接纳,自由恩惠之年

2010 - a Year of Restful Increase 安息增长之年

2011 - a Year of His Crowned Goodness 荣耀冠冕之年

2012 - a Year Unceasing Fruitfulness 丰稔不息之年

2013 - a Year of Open Doors and the Keys of David 机遇之门与大卫的钥匙

2014 - a Year of Greater Glory 荣耀更胜之年

2015 - a Year of His Restoration修复/回转之年

2016 - a Year of Possessing Our Possessions 得到原有产业之年

2017 - a Year of Jubilee 禧年,自由年/释放年/回归年

2018 - a Year of Hesed and Wisdom 恩典与智慧之年

2019 - a Year of the Latter rain 春雨恩泽之年

2020 - a Year of time and space 时空之年

2021 - a Year of Hazon Vision Hazon 异象之年

2022 - a Year of Rest & Acceleration 安息与加速之年

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摆设齐全,准备妥当,楼上大厅 Furnished and prepared, make ready for me 可 14:14 一切从上而来 全部福气满满 天父呼召了我 每天清晨见主 恩典中刚强起来 喝水在你给水前 祂没给我也没有 全副武装抵挡魔 平安喜乐在里面 灵里祷告主在我 你讲什么活什么 天父旨意我充满 使主真实在我命 欢欢喜喜而出来 平平安安蒙引导 大山小山声歌唱 田野树木都拍掌 赛55


Man, how can you boast yourself? The most beautiful(world), the most wonderful(body) and the most fabulous(life) gifts and given freely from above. How can you boast about your hard labour and achieve

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