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Kairos Mement of 08-02-23

When you feel that your spirit is not strong enough to take the burden, what should you do, the easy way out is to give way and surrender. Cut it off and don't think it any more. And it is bloody.

But what's God's idea and plan and why the things happen to you right now. God gave us chance to learn and grow to another level. If we give up, we have failed the test.

But what's more, fail just a event, we are already a success. Try and try again, I gonna ask the Lord give me the favour and strength that Jesus has and I surely will meet the Kairos moment!

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《箴言》11 3 正直人的纯正必引导自己;奸诈人的怪僻必毁灭自己。 5 完全人的义必指引他的路,但恶人必因自己的恶跌倒。 6 正直人的义必拯救自己,奸诈人必陷在自己的罪孽中。 《资治通鉴》周记一 夫才与德异,而世俗莫之能辨,通谓之贤,此其所以失人也。夫聪察强毅之谓才,正直中和之谓德。才者,德之资也;德者,才之帅也。云梦之竹,天下之劲也;然而不矫揉,不羽括,则不能以入坚。棠之金,天下之利也;然而不熔


是故勝兵先勝而後求戰, 敗兵先戰而後求勝。 (勝利之師總是先有把握取得勝利再同敵人開戰,失敗之師則是先同敵人開戰再尋求勝利的機會。) 《孫子兵法》《行篇》 不要冒失出去與人爭競, 免得至終被他羞辱, 你就不知道怎樣行了。 《箴言》25:8


摆设齐全,准备妥当,楼上大厅 Furnished and prepared, make ready for me 可 14:14 一切从上而来 全部福气满满 天父呼召了我 每天清晨见主 恩典中刚强起来 喝水在你给水前 祂没给我也没有 全副武装抵挡魔 平安喜乐在里面 灵里祷告主在我 你讲什么活什么 天父旨意我充满 使主真实在我命 欢欢喜喜而出来 平平安安蒙引导 大山小山声歌唱 田野树木都拍掌 赛55


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