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Kairos Mement of 08-02-23

When you feel that your spirit is not strong enough to take the burden, what should you do, the easy way out is to give way and surrender. Cut it off and don't think it any more. And it is bloody.

But what's God's idea and plan and why the things happen to you right now. God gave us chance to learn and grow to another level. If we give up, we have failed the test.

But what's more, fail just a event, we are already a success. Try and try again, I gonna ask the Lord give me the favour and strength that Jesus has and I surely will meet the Kairos moment!

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Man, how can you boast yourself? The most beautiful(world), the most wonderful(body) and the most fabulous(life) gifts and given freely from above. How can you boast about your hard labour and achieve

我感恩上帝给我一个听话的儿子,一个懂得体贴人的儿子,昨晚我们下黑白棋,我故意输了两盘,因为我要去做家务就说:“一直输,不玩了”。没想到,当我在厨房的时候,四岁的儿子跑过来哭着说:“爸爸,抱抱。”😂 今天早上,妈妈带她去春游,他跟我挥手说拜拜,但我感觉他在说:“爸爸,我跟妈妈去玩了,你一个人不要想我们呀,保重😄。太感动了。上帝看我们也像我们看我们的孩子一样吧,当我们委屈,开心,和上帝交流时,祂特

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